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Date Make Miles Condition Location Price Type Year Pic
  September 8th :
Sep 8 Any 85800 Below Average Buffalo, NY $13400 Coupe 1963 NO
  September 4th :
Sep 4 Toyota 238675 Average Manassas, VA $2000 SUV 1997 NO
Sep 4 Any 0 Unknown Indian Head, MD $0 Any
  September 2nd :
Sep 2 Nissan 111684 Above Average Zanesville, OH $4400 Midsize Sedan 2003 NO
  August 31st :
Aug 31 Any 6900 Below Average Madison, OH $1200 Other 86 NO
  August 10th :
Aug 10 Ford 57798 Above Average Wheeling, WV $9000 Large Sedan 2009 NO
  July 28th :
Jul 28 Dodge 230000 Average New Paris, PA $3295 Pickup Truck 1998 NO
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